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Modern Home

2 bedrooms, a bonus game room, a bar in the kitchen with seperate dining, big backyard, all set up in a modern day home.

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  • Creation date: 27/06/2013
  • Created on: iPad/iPhone
  • Rooms: 14
  • Surface: 596
  • Number of views: 14580
  • Number of times bookmarked: 25

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nawaf says : 13/07/2013

Very nice

Haylee1551 says : 21/07/2013

Thank you!

CocoBananas says : 26/07/2013

Your house is beautiful!

Decooo says : 15/08/2013

tres beau mais un peu tros sompre

Haylee1551 says : 17/08/2013

Thank you so much!!!

myaisawsome says : 01/10/2013

Wowwww!! You have such an awesome house u should take a look at mine

Monstersaw says : 25/11/2013

Wow just awesome

blue. says : 05/12/2013

Trop belle

Decooo says : 22/12/2013

très beau j'aime particulièrement la chambre le jardin et la salle de jeux!!! Magnifique mais peut etre un peu sombre.

Kerek says : 29/12/2013

Stunning views

bayardo says : 18/03/2014

How you did the red slope roof ?,,, I try and not able to do it,, pass the tip

ForeverDirectioner says : 23/05/2014

I'm confused about adding photos to my gallery. I know how to take the pics but I'm not sure how to save them...

ForeverDirectioner says : 23/05/2014

Also your house is fabulous

ForeverDirectioner says : 23/05/2014

What version do u have

ForeverDirectioner says : 26/05/2014

Plz rate my homes!!!!

november_baby24 says : 20/08/2014

Very pretty love the layout!!

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