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Well, since I see a lot of nice gallery photos here, I thought I would share mine. Now, the images I see here at the website, look like they are from the HomeDesign3D app, but the only pictures I can get of my projects have the stupid compass and arrows in the images so I apologize for that. If anyone can tell me how to save images without all that stuff in it, let me know. I tried to use DropBox but it kicks me out occasionally, besides it only seems to save my projects, not my images. Help please.

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  • Creation date: 13/11/2013
  • Created on: iPad/iPhone
  • Rooms: 1
  • Surface: 1
  • Number of views: 631
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traciputnam says : 13/11/2013

Like I said, see how I can't seem to get that dumb compass or arrows off my screenshot? I am taking these screenshots using an iPad 2. Any suggestions are appreciated, or if you know what I am doing wrong, let me know. Thanks!

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