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Beach House Island Paradise

This is a house I designed on a beach island. It messures around 3,400sq ft - this however includes the cover around the edge of the house, which itself messures around 2,000sq ft. I tried to make the house have the feeling of total peace and isolation from the craziness of the world. Instead of a garage, I put a Helicopter Landing Pad.

The entrance has a mat and chair to take your shoes off. If however you opted not to ware shoes on your own private beach island, there is an outdoor shower at the rear of the property which would allow you to wash your feet and not tread sand through the house.

A piano in the living room with the perfect inspirational view for all playing and composing needs. A computer positioned so you can look out over that glorious view would also provide inspiration for any creative tales one would wish wish to write.

The kitchen and utility all in one, with a view availble while you iron, to take away to tedium of the chore.

Photos' scatter around the house as reminders of the personal things we love about home.

The dining room is essentially outside, by the sliding doors from the kitchen.

2 seats outside under cover provide a sensational place to sit and enjoy the gifts of nature.

A large hammock situated in between 2 palm trees on the beach in another lovely place to idley spend time.

A circle of palm trees is yet another great place ogle at the landscape.

This is - by all admittion - hopelessly impractical, unless perhaps you were an Abu Dhabi Billionaire. It's not about praticallity though - it's about dreams. The wildest dreams that reside dorment within us all, until someone shows us a wiff of heaven, and they erupt out of our inspired shell.

  • Creation date: 15/01/2014
  • Created on: iPad/iPhone
  • Rooms: 5
  • Surface: 345
  • Number of views: 775
  • Number of times bookmarked: 1

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