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Hufflepuff common room

This is completed, however you will see that half of the design is empty - this is because it is exactly the same as the other side. I have finished the main section and the girls half of the bedrooms and bathroom. The boys side would be identical.
There are a few walls that have become unpainted as I had to use a lot of "curved wall"s and when you move these the paint is removed. All the rooms are different, as the common room is cut out of the underground rock and so each room fits the shape of the rock. However, all rooms have five beds, curved walls, a fire pit with benches around, space for a trunk each, and a wardrobe for each bed. The main room is split into three tiers, the smallest is slightly higher than the medium, and the largest room with the large fire pit, table, and bookshelves in the lowest. There would be windows at the bery top of the main common room which look out on grass and flowers, however I couldn't find a suitable window. There are also lots of plants everywhere, which is a very important aspect of the common room, however the magical plants which would be in the common room are not on this muggle app, so you'll have to imagine those yourself!
There are signs by the doors which tell you either if it is male or female, or which year the dorm room is. However I used a custom paint for these which has disappeared and I have not had chance to relabel these.
As Hufflepuffs, I am sure that if there were a student in our house who did not fit into these (limited options) of male or female rooms and bathrooms, and did not feel comfortable in either, they would be provided with a seperate, gender neutral room and bathroom which could be magically created. I took inspiration for the layout of this design from deviant art user Whisperwings who drew brilliant designs for each of the house common rooms -

  • Creation date: 19/04/2016
  • Created on: iPad/iPhone
  • Rooms: 54
  • Surface: 1471
  • Number of views: 312
  • Number of times bookmarked: 0

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Home Design 3D Team says : 20/04/2016

Hello Jemmenia, this is a really interesting project. As a matter of fact we also love Harry Potter saga here. Did you imagine the area completely or did you use the book or a video game as a reference/inspiration?

jemmemia says : 20/04/2016

I got inspiration from deviant art user : :// - although I changed some things in making my 3D version :)

says : 18/04/2017

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