8 million users, thank you !

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Hi everyone,

8 million of you worldwide are using the Home Design 3D application and help us improve it regularly. Thanks to your remarks, tips and ideas, the 2.5.1 version is now available. In this update, the stability issues that some of you have previously encountered have been deeply mitigated. It also offers you more choices: you can choose your navigation mode in the 3D environments, including more setting options for high-quality visuals. Each of you can choose your own Home Design 3D!

We hope that, thanks to these upgrades, you will now be able to set up the number one interior design application as you wish to enjoy it fully.

This application is yours! Help us improve it!

For any queries, you can contact the team on:
• The support or click on the envelope at the top of the screen in the application menu screen

• The Internet website

• The social networks Facebook and Twitter

• The Youtube video channel

Your Home Design 3D team

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xxMATI says : 20/06/2013


Jermir13 says : 22/06/2013

Hi, It would be nice if most of the kitchen appliances have even height with the lower kitchen cabinets, such as cookers, dishwashers, etc.

jermir13 says : 22/06/2013

Roll-up garage doors and cars, please....... I have so many plan samples I would like to share but I would like it to be perfect first in the kitchen and garage.

xxMATI says : 13/07/2013

8.000.000 users!!! We got the wo-wo-world!!! Lets do it it it it again!!! :)

Player772 says : 21/07/2013


Player772 says : 21/07/2013


benravi says : 01/08/2013

lets try

ThePurplePrincess says : 19/08/2013

I wish I could have the software to use on my laptop but I guess I can't now :(

papermoonpaper says : 12/10/2013

This is the first time i am using home design 3d.

Perche christian says : 31/10/2013

Bonsoir acheter l'application de 5€99 et depuis impossible d'ouvrir votre page... Comment faire merci de me tenir au courant. Dans l'attente

Mykirby1234 says : 05/11/2013


watjhv says : 31/12/2013

Hi The program is very good however it would be better if you could show the multilevel homes as a 3d view and also to show different levels off split level homes.

Douuuu says : 10/02/2014

Nous demeurons au Québec... Ce logiciel est au norme de Europe crois Et faire plan de cuisine est ce facile? Et est ce préférable de l'acheter en boutique au cas ou ....une perte total de mon disque nous le téléchargeons en ligne Et où au Québec puis je le trouver? Et entre 3D home design et 3D architec...est ce les mêmes ? Merci de me répondre

tkinnear says : 18/02/2014

How do I start? Where is the obvious button to load the programme?

saez says : 02/03/2014


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