First update for Home Design 3D by LiveCAD on iPad

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- 50 new 3D objects (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom etc.).
- 100 new, higher-resolution textures.
- Inclusion of a color swatch (for selecting and saving any color and applying it to the floors, ceilings and walls of your project).
- An improved object-rotation feature (15° at a time) for greater accuracy and ease in positioning objects.
- Larger object-capture area during the rotation phase (especially for smaller objects such as chairs).
- Enhanced application stability.
- Seven new languages added: Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.


The Home Design 3D by LiveCAD application has generated some impressive App Store stats since its launch:

- No. 1 in France’s overall iPad TOP 10 for 11 days (10-21 February 2011).
- No. 1 in the overall iPad TOP 10 in nine countries (France, Luxembourg, Croatia etc.) and in the Productivity category TOP 100 in 18 countries (France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium etc.).

This update is now available at the App Store.

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