Home Design 3D iOS V4 is out now!

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The new Home Design 3D "classic blue" edition on iOS is out now! With a new interface, discover all the new functionalities of the v.4 such as 3D edition, undo/redo, eye dropper tool and so on.

Click here to see the product page:

Do not hesitate to directly make the update from the Appstore if you already possess the Classic 'blue" iOS edition.

Moreover, all the other versions (Free and Gold) on iOS, Android, PC/Mac, will be updated very soon too! Stay tuned for future announces and updates!

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mbroad246 says : 15/10/2016

How do you edit the altitude of an object? When I put a window up in 3d mode, it shows altitude on the side but you can't click it and after you place it, that doesn't show up anymore.

urviana says : 17/10/2016

Very cool edition. I've made an ''Blue Edition'' House on my galerie inspired by this style!

Pkb0498 says : 18/10/2016

Hi guys, I just updated mine to the newest version. And after going around my project trying to figure out how to fix the altitude of the window, I finally found the solution. All you have to do is go on 3D mode for your project and make sure it's in aerial and not visit. Then you just tap on the window and you're able to fix the altitude and the scale while still on 3D. I'm not sure if it'll work for doors and the ceiling heights. Haven't tested it yet.

Home Design 3D Team says : 20/10/2016

mbroad246: You can set the altitude of your windows with the altitude tools you will find on the right side of your screen. It will open a gauge and you can set the altitude of your object. Urviana: Thank you, feel free to take some nice screen shot and share it with us on Facebook ;-) Pkb0498: Thank you Pkb for the help, you can set the altitude of every object than have to be on the whole, for the moment you cannot make some char fly, but you can put a door at two meter high if you want ^^

Ozzy_Clarke says : 21/10/2016

When will this update be available for Home Design 3D GOLD?

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