Home Design 3D finally available on Mac!

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Over 15 million users have chosen Home Design 3D to create their interior design project!  Today, the Best-Seller application keeps evolving and arrives on office computers with a first Mac version.

Home Design 3D makes it possible for users to create their own project from A to Z: 2D architect plans, planning of objects and furniture, decoration and 3D preview of the project (orbital or shoulder-high views).

Exclusively available on the Mac Appstore, this new version is as friendly-using as the Android interface and offers the same features, such as:

  • A new 3D engine: now allowing to entirely edit the project in 2D/3D and includes brand new and practical features.
  • A redesigned interface: Drag & Drop and easy use are the main features of this new interface.
  • A clearer database: objects and furniture can be previewed more easily, globally or in detail.
  • The "Undo-Redo" feature: get it over with the mistakes! The user can now undo his action at any time.

Home Design 3D is available on MacAppStore here:


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alebrije says : 19/02/2015

can´t make it work on my Mac, can´t add a room, something is wrong, any advice? I´ve got the gold version.

jmdx96 says : 19/02/2015

Cette version ressemble bien à la version iOS également. Trois regrets : - pas de possibilité import/export entre iOS et MAC - sur la version MAC pas de possibilité d'avoir un plan en fond d'un nouveau projet - pas d'aide en ligne complète

robertoemcristo says : 21/02/2015


Fcharly24h says : 22/02/2015

A quand une version remaniée PC windows de Architecture 3D Premium V3-2-3 (avec étage et toiture etc.)

Willian1984 says : 22/02/2015

How can I use the projects already done on Ipad to Imac computer? I've got the gold version on my Imac!

bvandev1 says : 24/02/2015

Worthless for me. Just threw 10,99 euros in the bin by purchasing this application. When I am visiting houses I draw my plans on iPad. Not being able to use these on Mac makes it useless for me and I'm sure for many others.

sw says : 03/03/2015

it is not open normally. and some function doesn't work in Macbook pro. says : 04/03/2015

LOVE the iPad app love it But can NOT import projects to the Mac desktop app Can NOT get the Mac app to do anything at all I am happy for Home Design to keep the money as the iPad app is that good says : 15/03/2015

Same problem as everyone else. Can import projects i've done already on the iPad to the Mac

mayafd9 says : 15/03/2015

I am happy they are getting the apps on more platforms! I want to know when it will be out for HP Computer and laptops. I have a Microsoft account, so it would be VERY convenient to be able to work on my projects from my HP laptop. ~Thanks! Mfd9

chrkun says : 18/03/2015

it's such a shame that it is not possible to import projects on the Mac done on the iPad - I therefore returned the Mac version on the iTunes store and got a refund

Fcharly24h says : 28/03/2015

Désolé de passer par là mais sans réponse de votre support (4 messages), je peux supprimer mais plus créer de galerie perso. message site encours de mise à jour Cordialement

TimoJuhani says : 30/03/2015

Funny. The software went broken during test. I can't zoom, there is not all buttons as described in sales documents. Into canvas comes "round holes"... How to get money back? Someone from the Company should answer....

brunosaraiva says : 04/04/2015


jrb says : 17/04/2015

bonjour l'impossibilité d' exporter entre tablette et mac est plus qu'un regret. Après avoir acheté la version mac et la version ios on s'aperçoit qu'on ne peut pas faire grand chose. On peut en faire plus sur la version tablette que sur grand écran, c'est surprenant comme choix... un remboursement de la version mac est il possible??

PenPen29 says : 19/04/2015

Is there a web page that tells you how to use it? I downloaded the app. There are no instructions. I'm in the website and still don't see where it tells how to use it. I assume I pick something to the space I'm using and add in my specifications. So far the walls don't move easily and I can't add numbers to the area behind the drawings that you swipe to get to. Help, it's taking too much time and I've already purchased the Gold.

Shouqfahad says : 24/04/2015


123456ak says : 19/05/2015

download free says : 20/05/2015

desenhar casas

Fcharly24h says : 23/05/2015

PLUS DE SUPPORT POUR LA VERSION PC LIVECAD V3-2-3 voir les non réponses sur le forum:

Fcharly24h says : 23/05/2015

Malgré de multiple messages au support pas de réponse à ma question, pourquoi je ne peux plus créer de galerie perso sur ce site????

1334 says : 08/06/2015

il faut voire!!!

pS46q1pw5u says : 07/07/2015

Guten Abend ich habe Ihren App gekauft ffcr den Iphone (Gebietsverwaltung) nun muste ich die Mac-version haben, wann wreden Sie diese Online stellen? Habe leider keine mf6glichkeit diese auf einen Windows zu Installieren! Hoffe auf baldige Antwort

b0VERATfhxs says : 08/07/2015

You're the grettesa! JMHO

DonaldMof says : 09/07/2015

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