Home Design 3D is available on Android

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After conquering the iOS users,"Home Design 3D - Free" finally arrives on Android! Entirely revamped and featuring a brand new 3D design, this application lays the foundations for the upcoming multiplatform version available in 2015.

Launched in 2011 on iOS by French publisher Anuman Interactive, "Home Design 3D" was very quickly a success across the world! Translated in 16 languages and adopted by more than 12 million users, "Home Design 3D" keeps evolving and lays the foundations of its upcoming revolution on Android!

This new version includes the main successful features as well new exclusive ones, such as a brand new 3D engine.


  • A new 3D engine: it is now possible to entirely edit a project in 2D/3D and it includes brand new and easy-to-use features.
  • A redesigned interface: the drag and drop system and the user-friendliness are the basis of this new interface.
  • A clearer database: the objects and supplies can be more easily previewed, as a whole or in detail.
  • The "Undo-Redo" feature: the user will no longer make any mistake! He can now undo his actions at any time.

See you on the Google Play Store:

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What new feature do you prefer in the V4?


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