Home Design 3D Outdoor: 500 000 downloads in one week

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One week after its launch, the application Home Design 3D - Outdoor & Garden has made a great start on iOS and Android.

According to Sandra Bouarroudj from VP Lifesyle: “Thanks to its new features, “Home Design 3D - Outdoor & Garden” has reached a new community, but also enables existing users to extend their scope of action. It is a truly essential addition for all those who want to create the garden of their dreams!”

From July 16, Home Design 3D - Outdoor & Garden will also be available for all Mac users.

Discover Home Design 3D - Outdoor & Garden 

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edcols says : 06/07/2015


edcols says : 06/07/2015


Riccardo Nonni says : 08/07/2015

Io non riesco a inviare il progetto per mail, come si fa??? grazie

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