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Following the last Home Design 3D update, If you experience any problem, please deactivate the iCloud feature. Don't forget to back up your projects on DROPBOX. An update to solve this issue is on its way.

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traciputnam says : 13/11/2013

So before shutting off my iCloud and having all my photo stream pictures deleted from my device (which is what happens when you turn off iCloud), I simply turned off my wifi and data/cellular service and then played the app. Still got kicked out. Since iCloud can't be accessed without wifi or data service, how do they figure iCloud is the problem? Can anyone explain this? Because it would seem to me that iCloud isn't the issue...?

Morty says : 14/11/2013

Ok, I tried everything I could think of to make this ap work after the update. Eventually, I tried deleting the ap and re loading it. Now I have lost everything. Including ALL of my in ap purchases! I am not prepared to re-buy them all. What do you suggest..??

Laura77 says : 14/11/2013

Même en désactivant iCloud l'application crash très souvent ! Depuis de puis ios7 il y maintenant plusieurs semaines. L'option que j'ai acheter pour appliquer ces propre textures ne marche pas !!! Que comptez vous faire ?? Dans l'attente de votre réponse. Merci.

traciputnam says : 15/11/2013

Morty, what in-app purchases? I didn't know there were any. You should've backed your projects up to DropBox first, then you could've restored them. By the way, I have found that deletin and reinstalling the app did nit work for me either.

Morty says : 16/11/2013

traciputnam, I think it depends which version of the app you have, the version I purchased has options to purchase additional textures and features, including importing your own.

traciputnam says : 18/11/2013

When is the update coming out? I'm tired of getting kicked out and disabling iCloud doesn't work...

traciputnam says : 18/11/2013

Morty, i have the most recent version. i can import textures, but I didn't think features... hmmmm.

Mik says : 19/11/2013

L'aplication ne fonctionne pas vraiment je n'arrive pas a créer un projet il n'y as pas la fenêtre nouveaux etc.....malgré que j ai télécharger les 3 apli les deux payant et le gratuit mais rien qui change que faire??

c4MXHgAmgk says : 27/04/2016

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wSslBfQh says : 28/04/2016

Guys and Gals, I totally feel your pain! We just got our second snow today! We will be enjoying the snow and sinege/bllow zero temps, cuz in a week it’ll probably be back up to 40. Sometimes the midwest sucks. Hope you get more snow soon!!Holly

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5AJVHgHpiv says : 07/09/2016

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n8gP1NLpO says : 09/09/2016

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W1wsmivzysW says : 22/09/2016

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fBoL4tBeP4XX says : 02/10/2016

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