Second update for Home Design 3D by LiveCAD on iPad

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Following the launch of the iPhone version, here is the release of the 1.2 update for the Home Design 3D application by LiveCAD (which has gone HD for the occasion).


- New improved 3D engine (lighting and filters, enhanced resolution).
- Major improvements to 2D design engine (more fluid, easier to use).
- 100% compatible with new iOS 4.3 and iPad 2
- 20 new HD textures available in material swatches.
- User tutorial displayed on app launch.

The 1.2 update is available at the AppStore and is free to download for all users who have already bought the application.

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someone hit my car how does insurance work

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OOcgbEBJ says : 12/10/2016

strange free auto insurance quotes going time learning lowest car insurance insurance me address insurance auto responsibility

PsqdYzHsmcJ says : 17/10/2016 oss apotek online cialis

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