Update V.4.1.1

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Dear users, 

The new update V.4.1.1 is now available on iOS, Android, PC/Mac and it brings many big changes including a new feature!

3D printing Color service:

As 3D printing technology is going more and more important in the interior design field, we notice that it is only accessible to a few. With this new Home Design 3D feature, this technology is now available to anyone, no need to have a 3D printer at home, or to contact a specialized company.

Create a project in Home Design 3D, click on the 3D Printer Icon, visualize the virtual 3D printed model of your project then choose a scale. Enter your info, validate your order and receive it at home!

All our 3D printed models are made from high professional quality printers in color, thanks to the ColorJet Printing (CJP) tehcnology. Before any printing, an operator/infographist checks the 3D model and adjusts it if necessary.

Other new changes:

  • +130 new objects, including new cars!
  • Help section improved: better pages, contents, video tutorials --> '?' icon
  • Bug fixes
  • Addition of the ReplayKit iOS feature 

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