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L'équipe de développement répond à vos questions dans cette vidéo !

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shaler dit : 03/05/2015

Hello i had byed the Home Designer 3D gold my questione 1.can i save my project to the galerie (how... i don´t now) and read on the other iPad or mac? 2. must i pay the app again for mac thanks Hartmut

Trish dit : 24/06/2015

Just bought your app this afternoon. Using 2D, I've tried to draw a floorplan that depicts enclosure of our front patio. Instead of 4 walls, this entryway space will have 6 walls because 2 walls of an adjoining room "jutt into" the area. Without a tutorial, I first attempted to start generating a room. This didn't work, so I built the space by adding the 6 walls successively. Now I want to drop in the double front doors ... can drag but not able to drop. Same holds true for addition of windows. Please

Jonnywomble dit : 24/06/2015

Hi. Purchased the Gold edition last night. How do I drag and drop windows or doors to where I want them, they don't drop. How do I add a doorway where I want ?

new0NO0r dit : 08/07/2015

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