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Credits and details:Designer and creator - Declan Massey Graphic inputs exterior:Moon - Declan Massey Ibis Paint Shadows/Glare- Declan Massey ibis paint Lighting effects - Declan Massey Graphic inputs interior:Lighting glare - Declan Massey Ibis paint Lighting effects - Declan Massey Ibis paint Texture credits:Google Pinterest Herb Ritts Grace Jones Kendall Jenner Elvis Declan Massey Vanity fair Ibis paint Home Design 3DNikki - Home Designer Modelling and design:All created by Declan Massey Home design 3D products Project overview:This project is an expression of camp, minimalism and modern contemporary. The project is a 3 story Town house/villa located in the urban areas of Madrid, Spain. This project is intended to be used by a single individual or partners without children. The project can easily be transformed to suit more people with the expanded areas, open plan rooms and garden/yard area.A project by Declan Massey

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